Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I generally don't like to call people out for things but enough is enough. There is this person, Petry, who cannot take a hint.

Dear Petry,

You are creeping me out, I have not talked to you in almost three months, not one word. And I wont ever again. Please stop contacting me, emailing me, texting me and whatever other form of communication you may try. For months before we got to the point of not talking you were trying to have a relationship with me, an inappropriate relationship (because no matter how bad my current relationship is I am not a cheater). Every time you tell me you love me and miss me and need me you make me really uncomfortable. I had asked you to stop R E P E A T E D L Y! I told you I didn’t want to hear those things from you EVER. There is a line, and you have crossed it, it is now called stalking.

Please leave me alone.

Here is the deal, I am generally not a mean person, but Petry became/is obsessive (stalking). What started as a working relationship I will admit turned into a friendship. But I never gave him any inclination that I ever felt it was or would be more than a friendship. But then he started doing and saying things friends don’t say to each other. So I asked him to leave me alone as a friend and we could just work together. The feeling I got from him was just all wrong, I didn’t ever feel comfortable and I still don’t. He is trying to be everywhere. He did leave me alone for a few months, but then he started crossing the line again. I was in a bad spot and needed a friend and Petry took advantage of the situation. I quickly corrected my ways. He began texting me every night that he misses me and loves me. Wanted to know why I didn’t want to talk to him on the phone. My boyfriend saw my phone, the texts, emails everything. I have been open and honest about Petry and Officer was aware that I was really uncomfortable, and not encouraging this sort of behavior. We both decided I should just stop talking to Petry, that hopefully he would get the hint.

That was almost three months ago. Now Petry is commenting on my blog, trying add me under different names on Twitter and still texting and emailing. I have had to change my privacy settings on almost everything. What else can I do?

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